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CalypsoTech took on the task of creating a website for a Spanish gynaecologist in Barcelona, with the aim of improving their competitiveness in the local market. The goal was to increase exposure, provide a platform for potential clients, and enable online appointment bookings. As our first project, we decided to utilise Squarespace due to its suitability for static websites with minimal coding requirements. CalypsoTech led the design process, using a template as a foundation and making necessary modifications to tailor it to the gynaecologist’s specific needs.

Code injection was implemented to ensure smooth communication between the contact point and the client’s email. The website is now live, and the Spanish gynaecologist is highly satisfied with the results. While it was a relatively straightforward project, it served as a valuable learning experience and marked a significant milestone in CalypsoTech’s journey.

Visit the website: https://www.dr-iliev.es/

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