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At CalypsoTech, we eagerly took on this project after being approached by our esteemed business advisors and investors at Grapeviners. Recognising their need for additional developers to implement their innovative idea for their second-hand machinery online business, they hired me and my co-founder, both from Grapeviners, to lead the development of the dashboard and management system for their operations. Working closely with a team of three developers and one designer, we embarked on this exciting endeavour. The project was skillfully executed using React and Next.js, with Firebase serving as our chosen solution for authentication and database management. Building upon the Figma sketches already provided by the dedicated designer, we collaboratively refined the design to enhance its user-friendliness. Additionally, this project provided us with the opportunity to explore the usage of API routes in Next.js, expanding our knowledge and expertise. While we embraced the technical challenges, the greatest learning curve for us lay in adapting our skills to a corporate environment and utilising corporate tools such as Bitbucket, JIRA, Snyk, and Slack.

The ticketing system, in particular, introduced us to a new workflow that required efficient task tracking and seamless collaboration with the team. We are grateful for the invaluable experience gained from working alongside this exceptional team. In summary, as CalypsoTech, a leading web development company, we are immensely proud of successfully executing this project. Our collaboration with Grapeviners’ business advisors and investors allowed us to develop the dashboard and management system for their second-hand machinery online business. By leveraging React, Next.js, and Firebase, we delivered an innovative solution. This project not only enhanced our expertise but also deepened our gratitude for the opportunity to work with such an exceptional team.

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